Wedding Photography For The Scottish Borders

Alastair Innes - Wedding Photographer

All our weddings are photographed by Alastair Innes. Alastair has over 25 years experience as a professional wedding photographer and is a qualified licentiate member of the British Institute of Professional Photography, therefore, you can rest assured that your wedding photography is in safe hands.

Over the years we have evolved a system that retains all the benefits of Classic Wedding photography but still allows us to produce a wedding album that has a modern, contemporary feel.

At the heart of our service is the strong belief that a little organisation and thought before the big day will pay dividends later, to that end we work with you to produce a list of the main photographs to be taken at your wedding, this ensures that you will have photographs of all your family and friends and you won't have to worry about who's been photographed on the day.

These 'list' photos can be complimented by a range of casual shots of the bridal party and guests throughout the day if you wish.

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What Happens On The Wedding Day?

Our packages can include photography of the Bride, her family and Bridesmaids before they leave for the ceremony (if required), the Groom, Best Man and ushers arriving followed by the Bridesmaids and Bride arriving.

Photographs during the ceremony may be possible depending upon the wishes of the minister or registrar, however, we feel that the ceremony itself is the most important part of the day and we will always operate discretely which will place restrictions on the photographs we are able to take.

British Institute Of Professional Photography logoThe majority of the photographs will be taken after the wedding ceremony and Alastair will discuss the location for these pictures with you when you meet him. It is important to allow sufficient time for photographs in order to obtain the best pictures possible but we do realise that it is a wedding not a photo shoot and will work as quickly as possible, normally the main group photographs will be completed in 30 to 40 minutes with an extra 15 to 30 minutes for photographs of the couple, many couples like to get away from the main party to have their photographs taken in a more relaxed and intimate environment and we are happy to oblige with this.

Normally wedding coverage will finish when you go through for your meal but it can be extended to include speeches and the first dance if required.

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When Will You Receive Your Wedding Photographs?

Approximately 2 weeks after the wedding we will give you a CD slide show of the photographs from which you will choose the photos for your Album, at this stage you can choose which photographs to have printed in colour and which you'd like in Black and White, you can also indicate which photographs you'd like us to use for montage pages if you are having these in your album.

We will also upload your photographs onto our secured web site so that all your family and friends can see your wedding pictures. There is an on-line order system that they can use to order photos directly from the site saving you the trouble of sorting out everyone's order.

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